The industry leading online diagnostic decision support solution

Radiologists working in today’s high-pressure clinical environments rely on STATdx for evidence-based information they need to deliver the best clinical decisions, provide superior patient care recommendations and practice cost-efficient care.  

Increases speed, accuracy, and confidence in diagnosing complex imaging cases

  • Empowers radiologists to deliver superior patient care recommendations.
  • Ensures care teams receive critical patient information faster.
  • Drives better patient outcomes and improves the bottom line

Get it right, right now

Whether radiologists are reading images in an unfamiliar specialty, analyzing a complex case or teaching others, STATdx supports them in delivering the best clinical decisions, providing superior patient care recommendations and practicing cost-efficient care. To speak to an Elsevier representative about bringing STATdx to your institution, fill out the form.   For individual subscription options, please visit our STATdx store.